Andy’s Quick Hits (173): Green in hospitals reduces confusion and anger

Andy Hab
2 min readMar 4, 2022

I have reported on the benefits of exposure to nature in leading brains Review, but also here and here, but this study looks at the impacts of having green, plants, in hospitals and how this benefits patients, visitors, and healthcare providers. Sounds pretty good uh?!

One of the key challenges in large hospitals is also navigation along what feels like a maze of corridors in the same colours. This study looked at how breaking this monotony with green or window views of gardens could help with mood, in contrast to corridors and spaces with no green.

Notably anger and confusion was significantly reduced in those that had exposure to green, in this study. These green spaces added, aided navigation but also act as stress relievers and Shan at el. note their therapeutic benefits — this is well-documented in other areas.

Here’s hoping for greener hospitals.

Shan Jiang, David Allison, Andrew T. Duchowski.
Hospital Greenspaces and the Impacts on Wayfinding and Spatial Experience: An Explorative Experiment Through Immersive Virtual Environment (IVE) Techniques.
HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal, 2022; 193758672110675
DOI: 10.1177/19375867211067539

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