Andy’s Quick Hits (6): Does the Brain Solve Problems Better with Rest?

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We’ve all had that experience of having a great idea or flash of insight while having a shower or walking the dog (I don’t have a dog so just walking for me).

In the research this is known as incubation — we all kind of know it, we have the expression “sleep on it” but I still see, so many times, business folk in rooms desperately trying to solve a tricky problem. Also the research doesn’t always show an effect and this to varying degrees.

So what is the best thing to get our brain to solve those tricky little and big problems?

It does indeed depend on the type of problems. So let’s review:

  • Incubation has strong effect on complex problems

So take a rest, and take a walk, for better creativity and problem solving — read about this in my post on the brain and the potent impacts of walking here (including how it boosts brain growth).

Andy is author of leading brains Review a monthly e-magazine on all things the brain, behaviour, and business

The brain and human behaviour, in business, society, learning, and health.

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