Andy’s Quick Hits — Full List

Andy Hab
26 min readAug 25, 2021

Here’s the list of my daily (weekdays) Quick Hits (2-minute research updates). Last updated 21st April 2022.

Those labelled with a (+) are the most popular and those with a (*) are my favourites.

Andy’s Quick Hits (206): Your Brain on Near-Death Experiences
Near-death experiences have fascinated many people ever since they have been reported. And these experiences guide our view of how we die…

*Andy’s Quick Hits (205): Social networks grow your brain
The headline is a bit “click baity” but it is what a group of researchers found. To be more specific they found in macaques (cute monkeys)…

Andy’s Quick Hits (204): What do creative brains look like?
We’d probably all be happy to be a bit more creative — though research into our own opinions show that many people do actually consider…

*More Unexpected Gender Biases
Researchers uncover more ways in which we are biased

Andy’s Quick Hits (202): Growth and decline of your brain over your life
So, we all know that our brain grows very quickly as babies and children and then after a certain age, younger than some of us may like to…

Andy’s Quick Hits (201): How to reduce loneliness
I have reported multiple times on loneliness during the pandemic — mostly because interest and research into loneliness has taken a large…

Andy’s Quick Hits (200): COVID-19 brain
Many COVID-19 patients have reported various neurological symptoms — the well-known brain fog, but also headaches and decreased cognitive…

Andy’s Quick Hits (199): Life satisfaction after work related to personality traits
As many of you know I have done plenty of work into personality and so found this study interesting.

Andy’s Quick Hits (198): Unique regulation of brain in yoga practitioners
Yes, you yoga practitioners knew you were special and here is the science to prove it!

Andy’s Quick Hits (197): Neurodivergence and the lonely brain
Neurodivergence is term that describes those that are not “neurotypical” such as those with autism and ADHD. In the surge of research into…

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