Andy’s Quick Hits (5): The Science of How to Form Intelligent Teams (spoiler: include women)

Andy Hab
2 min readMay 20, 2021

In business, and others ares, we want to have groups of people making smart decisions. This group intelligence is labelled Collective Intelligence in the research and more research is coming out showing hard data on how to form groups that can make collectively intelligent decisions and solve complex problems.

The proportion of women in a group is a significant predictor of group performance, mediated by social perceptiveness.

And the answer is not the default answer of many people and most business, of just throwing a group of smart people together.

So what is the best way to have intelligent groups or teams?

Well a recently published analysis of 22 studies, including 5,279 individuals in 1,356 groups shows this:

  • Collaboration processes are the most important factor (and collaborative ability including communication)
  • Individual skill (i.e. knowledge and competencies) is important
  • Group composition (including diverse skills but also women, see below)



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