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  • Nicole Bedford

    Nicole Bedford

    Deputy Editor: An Injustice Mag. Words in Insider, Elephant Journal, Blavity, etc. Contact:

  • Benjamin Sledge

    Benjamin Sledge

    Author | Combat wounded veteran | Mental health specialist | Former geopol intel | My new book—Where Cowards Go to Die—is available here:

  • Al Anany

    Al Anany

    Business Consultant | Blockchain & Machine Learning-Focused | Zurich, Switzerland |

  • Louis Chew

    Louis Chew

    I explore underappreciated ideas. Be the first to know about what I’m currently up to:

  • Sebastian Purcell, PhD

    Sebastian Purcell, PhD

    Philosopher. Analyst. Happiness Researcher. | I Recover ancient wisdom for modern life |

  • Sven Vandenberghe

    Sven Vandenberghe

    Father of four. Exercise physiologist. Submarine power cable installer. Sleep & Dream therapist. Ghostwriter.

  • Hrushikesh Arun

    Hrushikesh Arun

    Product Marketer. Business Strategist. Writer. Love movie recaps.

  • Shyam Sundar

    Shyam Sundar

    Always lost in amazing ideas. Engineer, a polymath in progress and a student of life. Reach me at

  • Kelsey Kee

    Kelsey Kee

    International development and global health professional, but also dabble in other subject matter

  • Prince Verma

    Prince Verma

    Researcher, Runner and Aspiring Writer

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