Research Hit: New Consciousness Network Identified

Andy Hab
3 min readJun 6, 2024

New techniques have identified a network that seems essential for wakefulness and may help comatose patients.

Are we talking about big C or small c?

My turn to ask a question: what do you mean big C or small c?

I refer to big C as the big question of consciousness, of being a self aware being, versus small c which could be an aspect of this such as being awake.

Ahh right. You may not know but a big pet peeve of mine is that when we talk of consciousness, including just about all consciousness researchers, we are often speaking of different aspects of consciousness, such as identifying oneself vs. being able to think about thinking vs. simply being responsive.

But back to your question this research is new research into the state of wakefulness (so “small c”) — here particular in comparison to being comatose which I am sure we are all aware becomes a problem for some people who do not awake from their comas. And we don’t know why.

This is actually an important and fundmental question. And this research seems to have found some of the answers.

Now I’m intrigued what did these researchers find then?



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