Short Review: AI and the Brain

Andy Hab
9 min readJan 21, 2024

AI’s abilities, limitations and similarities to the human brain

AI is ever present in the news. Specifically with the advent of ChatGPT and the amazing abilities of this technology. If you haven’t taken a play around in ChatGPT, I would highly recommend it — it is truly amazing what it can do, how much information it can extract, and what it can do such as write grammatically and informationally accurate essays on academic topics.

There are so many worries and questions to answer, and many are commented on, or written about by many of others who are more qualified on the topic than I am, so I won’t approach them here but focus on some research that has recently been published about some fascinating aspects of AI, it’s limitations and strengths. Also what is just as, or more fascinating, is comparisons to the human brain and how these AI tools work.

But first you may wonder about my view of the abilities of Chat GPT?

Mixed, is my answer. Why? You may ask.

At the end of last year I was researching a new psychometric assessment I was developing and so posed ChatGPT (version 3.5) some questions on this topic. I promptly received a succinct, well formed summary of the standard research. Wow! I thought, that is amazing, and after posing a few more questions, I did immediately think: “My God, my knowledge is redundant, my job is gone!” Chat GPT can do this — that means anybody can just ask it the questions instead of Andy!

So am I redundant?

No, thankfully, not yet. It took me a bit more time with ChatGPT to work out why. What ChatGPT was doing a great job of was synthesising standard knowledge of a topic and putting this into well formed summaries. That in itself is amazing — truly. But I found that if I wanted to dig deeper to find deeper rationale to the theories I was looking at, or finding lesser known models, then ChatGPT failed me.

In the academic world, as in general life, some theories and models become well known and so there is lots of information on them. However, sometimes the most insightful research is hidden away and it still requires a human being like me to firstly discover this and also be able to see its relevance, and more importantly to…



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