The Science of Love

Andy Hab
4 min readFeb 14, 2024

The research into love tells us what we feel — duh!

So it’s Valentine’s day, where’s my card?

I don’t do Valentines’ day!

Oh, shame on you, but love is real isn’t it?

Of course it’s real. If we feel it, it is real.

What about the science?

Well, I have reviewed the neurobiology of love previously (2022). But since then a few pieces of research have popped up that might interest you.

Such as?

Such as research in 2023 by Pärttyli Rinne et al. of Aalto University in Finland, which asked and answered the question of how and where we feel love in our bodies. And did this for 27 different types of love!

Isn’t it in the heart?!

Well, I would have said “Of course not!” having seen other body-emotion heat maps. These tend to show body or torso regions — but if you look closely you can indeed see that the left of the chest, the heart region is more intense than other areas.

The types of love form a gradient in intensity and in how widely they’re felt throughough the…



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