Weekly Roundup: Your Biased Brain, Short-Term Memory, Deep Brain Waves, and Brain Waves for Action

Andy Hab
6 min readJun 9, 2024

This week I’ll take you through a bunch of interesting stuff moving from biases in the brain, short-term memory, brain waves, and the hippocampus which is, maybe surprisingly, involved in all of the above.

Let’s start off with our biased brain. We know we are biased, yet most of us think we are less biased than others, known as the bias blindspot. And most of us don’t think about these.

Two biases have now been shown to be directly related.

Your Biased Brain

The first, you will likely be familiar with, is recency bias whereby recent events, objects, actions are easier to recall and take priority in our brains.

The other is something called the central tendency bias: whereby we tend to judge things closer to the average than their actual characteristics. If I showed you different cartons of milk and then asked you to remember their size, you would most likely judge the larger ones to be smaller and closer to the average carton size (in your country), and the smaller ones to be larger and closer relative to this average size.

However, research has now shown that this is due to slower integration of information on the brain and underpins both…



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